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Labor Warranty Contact Form

"*" indicates required fields


Please read and review the document and fill out the necessary fields. Please fill out an individual sheet for each part that you are recording. You must fill the form entirely to proceed with warranty review.

Please check on one the claim items below
Please check on one the items below
Compressor extended warranty only > 12 months – 60 months from startup or day of shipment
Please choose the refrigeration circuit(s) that the part is associated with if applicable.
* Please check here if the contractor/ distributor are requesting labor warranty credit

*Labor credit is subject to specific time frames and limitations, details are found in the UCA warranty manual, UCA will only provide labor at standard rate. Submission of this document does not guarantee credit reimbursement. Parts must be returned to UCA within 30 days of request or the RMA for that part will be permanently closed without credit.

Please follow the instructions

Submit the form. You will then be contacted via email with an inquiry to forward the technicians field service ticket explaining the work performed. You will receive a LWA (labor warranty authorization) number for labor requests and an RMA (Return to Manufacturer Authorization) number for any warranty part returns. Use the unit serial number for reference until RMA# and or a LWA# has been assigned.