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Lead Times

Lead times will be updated frequently as conditions change

VertiCool Premium NEW – 14-16 Weeks ARO

Alpha Aire Horizontal GEN5 – 4 Weeks ARO – 10 In Stock

Alpha Aire Vertical GEN5 – 10 Weeks ARO

EZ-Fit – 13-15 Weeks ARO

OmegaAir Horizontal – 13-15 Weeks ARO

OmegaAir Vertical – 13-15 Weeks ARO

Portable – 4 Weeks ARO

Portable Trailer Unit – 12 Weeks ARO


ARO = After Release of Order

Quick ships are available on a case by case basis with UCA Staff review. 

All lead times are based on configuration and factory loading at the time of order. Due to global supply chain challenges, please contact the factory to confirm the current lead time for your unit configuration.