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Portable Air Conditioners & Heating Units

United CoolAir manufactures Therm~Air portable heating and cooling units. Portable commercial units are configurable on the other hand with select features and a wide variety of options too numerous to list here. Please contact the factory to discuss special features, paint colors, capabilities, and configurations.

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Portable Horizontal Air Conditioning and Heating Units

5 and 12 Tons Portable Cooling Up To 30 kW Heating

For indoor or outdoor applications these horizontal units are small and flexible. But also when operating indoors, the condenser air can be ducted outside.

Mobility is Key

A low profile design provides a neat clean appearance. Mobility is paramount for these portable air conditioning units. They can be provided with an integral unit mounted forklift pod or with casters.

Why Ducted?

The ducted feature makes these units ideal for temporary cooling or heating in renovation projects. Other applications include spot cooling or heating and temporary cooling when the building air conditioner is down for maintenance. Other uses include providing extra cooling or heating when needed to augment the building system. These portables can supply cooling only or cooling and heating options. On the other hand, these units are tailorable for your specific requirements due to a wide variety of options.

MACH145 (12 ton) Compact

Portable Horizontal Mid-Size Air Conditioning and Heating

25 and 30 Tons Cooling Up To 60 kW Heating

With a mid-sized horizontal unit, you have the option of pod or trailer mounting. Dependent upon your requirements this provides you with the flexibility and configuration you want or need.

Spot Cooling and Heating

For extra rigidity, these units are built around a tubular frame. These units are also especially ideal for temporary cooling or heating in renovation projects. In particular, applications include spot cooling or heating and temporary cooling when the building air conditioner is down for maintenance. A perfect air conditioner for a tent or other temporary structure that needs commercial cooling, heating or dehumidification.
In order to maximize space, the pod mounted units are stackable during storage. With this low-profile design, mobility and appearance are enhanced. The ducted units can provide high static pressure for the long duct runs.
The optional trailer-mounted configuration incorporates a sturdy DOT-rated trailer with dual-axles, hydraulic brakes, dual leveling jacks, and spare tire.

Vertical Portable Air Conditioning and Heating

20 Tons Cooling Up To 45 kW Heating

For cooling large tents through the wall is the typical use for vertical-style units. The standard bi-directional “free blow” grille arrangement distributes the air inside the tent. Optional duct adaptors extend the versatility of the units for other applications or where the tent application must be ducted. Other applications include manufacturing processes or temporary spot cooling/heating.

Easy to Move and Transport

These units are easy to transport and move into position using the forklift pod. As a result, the narrow footprint and white paint make them less obtrusive when applied with a tent wall.
These type units are configurable as cooling only or as cooling and heating options. The wide variety of options allows alterations of units for your specific requirements.