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Product Line

United CoolAir, LLC is a leading manufacturer of indoor packaged and light commercial heating and air conditioners. Units range from 3 to 90 tons of capacity and include outdoor air applications. These unique comfort cool air solutions are developed around an innovative modular packaged all-indoor system. Built-to-order horizontal and vertical systems are available as Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled, Heat Pump, and Dedicated Outdoor Air System models.

UCA units are built with a wide range of options to meet almost any need. The use of resealable refrigerant fittings makes the systems ideal for retrofit and renovation projects with lower total installed costs than many conventional replacements. Furthermore, most United CoolAir heat and cooling units fit through a standard 3.0 doorway and can be engineered to meet your specific needs. Additionally, commercial-grade portable/temporary units are available and can be acquired factory direct.