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Commercial vs Residential HVAC

While the commercial and residential HVAC industries have similarities there are differences as well. No matter what type of HVAC being deployed, the purpose always comes down to cooling, heating, dehumidification, and ventilation. Some of the key differences involve size, location and manufacturing. While there are HVAC manufacturers that specialize in one or the other, […]

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Buildings

Indoor Air Quality Indoor air can be considerably more detrimental to people’s health than outside air. With this in mind, it is important to identify where indoor air contaminants originate and address the possible health effects. To begin with, we can improve indoor air quality Particulate matter Carbon Monoxide Secondhand tobacco smoke Pesticides Solvents Volatile […]

HVAC Replacement Made Better

What if there was a way to replace existing indoor HVAC equipment that has reached its lifespan. Furthermore, without expensive demolition and alterations to the building structure?Many contractors, engineers, and property managers try to answer this question each day. It’s a question that is seemingly easy to answer. The dismantling of Outdated equipment could help […]

Emergency Temporary Portable Cooling and Heating

When tragedy strikes in the form of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme weather events, time, and resources are of the essence. Without reliable temporary cooling and heating systems, critical infrastructure can fail. This results in important social services such as hospitals and other institutions being unable to function as well as […]

Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS) part 2

Adapting DOAS To Your HVAC System There is a proven method that will meet the challenges of complying with the ASHRAE Standards. This method delivers precise amounts of ventilation to spaces regardless of load size, and do it cost-effectively. Known specifically as Dedicated Outside Air Systems, or (DOAS), the conditioned outdoor air separates from the […]

Combining DOAS and VRF as an HVAC Solution

For decades, using Variable-air-volume (VAV) systems with air terminal units developed extensively in commercial/institutional buildings in the United States. Unfortunately, the optimized design of a VAV system with terminal heat is difficult at best. Mostly because of limitations inherent in VAV and complications posed by design standards and regulations. One new approach involves the pairing […]

Grow Room HVAC Units

The rapid increase of the cannabis industry within the United States creates a critical need for proper HVAC equipment in Grow Room facilities. Growing cannabis can be very tricky due to the fact it is grown indoors instead of outdoors like other crops. It is critical that cooling and dehumidification are the focus of their […]

You’ll Call it Remarkable, We Call it EZ-FIT

The Variable Air Volume (VAV) VariCool® EZ-Fit unit’s specific design is for the cost-effective replacement of existing floor-by-floor or constant volume purposes. These self-contained floor-mounted systems are modular in design and consist of three or four sections. Single module sizes range in capacity from 12 – 45 tons. Individual combined modules are able to achieve […]