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BTUs in Air Conditioning

When it comes to air conditioning, calculating BTUs is an essential part of determining the size of the unit. A BTU or British Thermal Unit is the measure of heat energy that comes from a thermal unit and an Imperial Gallon is 10 pounds in weight. Therefore, a BTU is 1/10 of an Imperial Gallon […]

Compressor Failure and the Effects on Warranty

Identifying why compressor failure is subject to many variables and is important to understanding warranty implications. Although compressors fail for a multitude of reasons, poor installation and maintenance are the most common causes. However, for the vast majority of compressors returned for claims, rarely is it due to a defect in the manufacturer supplied part. […]

Recovering Energy from Class 2 Exhaust Air

The Problem Providing a healthy environment must be the top priority for any air conditioning design. This can be difficult though, especially in spaces that generate less-than-ideal breathing conditions. Nail salons, health clubs, and bathrooms are just a few examples of spaces where processes or people taint the air with undesirable chemicals or odors. In […]

All about packaged units in air conditioning

UCA Refrigeration Cycle

Since the invention of the air conditioner in 1902, engineers have developed various ways of handling the HVAC process. The evaporator and condenser sections are the two major components of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). This is the case as it applies to Direct Expansion (DX) type systems. At the same time, the indoor […]

What is a Heat Pump and how does it work?

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A heat pump represents a growing segment of the HVAC industry. In practical terms, it is a reversal of how the air conditioning system works. While air conditioners are used to cool air; a heat pump can be used to cool or heat the air. This is especially true conditions are in place for this […]

Sick Building Syndrome and what to do about it

Business Building

Sick or tight building syndrome is a term that describes from the ill effects building occupants suffer due to poor indoor air quality. Although not attributed to any specific disease (SBS), leads to a loss of employee productivity. An extensive list of symptoms related to (SBS) include:  

A Flexible Alternative for Portable Environmental Control

The remediation industry has long relied on traditional equipment like mechanical dehumidification and desiccant systems. This is for the removal of excess moisture from flooded and fire-damaged buildings and environmental control. In many cases, these are the better choice for drying out the high moisture situations in preparation for later renovations. Still, a controversy persists […]