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BACnet Building Automation and Control Network

BACnet (Building Automation and Control Network), is the communications protocol that defines communication services used between building control systems and building automation end-devices. The protocol displays how data is represented and moved between BACnet nodes on the network and the services used to move it. For example, by sharing sensors and data, BACnet gives our […]

Recovering Energy from Class 2 Exhaust Air

The Problem Providing a healthy environment must be the top priority for any air conditioning design. This can be difficult though, especially in spaces that generate less-than-ideal breathing conditions. Nail salons, health clubs, and bathrooms are just a few examples of spaces where processes or people taint the air with undesirable chemicals or odors. In […]

Retrofitting Commercial HVAC Units

Retrofitting Major Commercial HVAC Brands Millions of HVAC systems are reaching replacement age. The life cycle for most will pass several times over the life of commercial, industrial and institutional structures. Estimates show that there are over 5 million buildings available for retrofit HVAC upgrades. While 70% of commercial buildings built prior to 1980 have […]

Commercial vs Residential HVAC Units

Commercial Residential

Learn the similarities and differences between commercial and residential units Commercial and Residential HVAC units share many similarities but contain many differences as well. While some HVAC manufacturing companies produce units for both markets, others specialize in one or the other. The biggest differences have to do with size, and also whether the unit is […]