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What is a Water Source Heat Pump?

When it comes to reliability and efficiency, a Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) could be the best option for commercial buildings.  A Water Source Heat Pump works much in the same way as an air source heat pump; but extracts and disperses heat by water instead of air. An air source uses heat from the […]

What is DOAS?

With Independence Day weekend approaching Americans are making plans to celebrate with cookouts, swimming, and other outdoors activities. These simple pleasures become even sweeter knowing that, when outside, we are breathing clean, fresh air. What some don’t know is that when we return to work, we are often returning to buildings that have been consciously […]

You’ll Call it Remarkable, We Call it EZ-FIT

The Variable Air Volume (VAV) VariCool® EZ-Fit unit’s specific design is for the cost-effective replacement of existing floor-by-floor or constant volume purposes. These self-contained floor-mounted systems are modular in design and consist of three or four sections. Single module sizes range in capacity from 12 – 45 tons. Individual combined modules are able to achieve […]