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All-Indoor Solutions

Since 1988, tens of thousands of United CoolAir units have simplified difficult HVAC renovation and replacement challenges. The equipment’s modular construction allows for fitment into otherwise difficult to access spaces. United CoolAir’s all-indoor equipment delivers air cooled and water-cooled solutions without placing unsightly equipment outdoors or on a roof.

Because of the modular design, 98% of United CoolAir’s equipment fits through a 36″ doorway. There is never a need to use a crane or to field cut equipment into sections. We have eliminated the need for expensive building alterations like knocking down interior or exterior walls. Re-sealable refrigerant fittings allow the equipment to keep its factory charge while being navigated into place and reassembled. Say goodbye to field brazing and charging!

United CoolAir’s all-indoor design is the perfect solution for installation in historical buildings or when outdoor space is limited. Additional indoor installation benefits include the prevention of storm damage and vandalism and the elimination of roof curbs, expensive rigging costs, permits, and other items contributing to the total installed cost.