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VariCool EZ-Fit® with Energy Recovery Wheel

The VariCool EZ-Fit® with ERW system consists of a modular self-contained water source heat pump designed for 100% Outdoor Air applications with integral energy recovery wheel.  The modular cabinet design along with high efficiency EC fans, variable capacity compressors and BACnet communications make the EZ-Fit® with ERW an ideal solution for renovation and replacement projects where it is difficult to move new equipment into existing mechanical rooms and owners desire to lower installation and operating costs.

The modular cabinet ships in multiple sections which easily assemble to form a single unit. Single modules are available in for 3,000 to 10,000 CFM applications. Dual modules combine two singles together for systems up to 21,000 CFM with single point power and single water connections.

• Self-Contained, Modular Construction
• Water Source Heat Pump
• 15 to 35 Ton Single Modules
• 30 to 70 Ton Dual Modules
• 208/230-3-60 or 460-3-60
• Modulating Hot Gas Reheat
• Exhaust Fan Section

EZ-Fit with ERW - Panels On