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The OmegaAir™ dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) is designed to work in conjunction with a separate space sensible heating/cooling system. Traditional HVAC systems primarily condition the sensible load and are not capable of handling the high latent loads produced by outdoor air. The OmegaAir™ is exclusively designed to process the large latent ventilation load and deliver “neutral” air at 70°F to 72°F and 50% RH. OmegaAir’s supply air dew point design temperature is lower than standard air conditioners to remove the maximum amount of moisture before delivery to the space.

The OmegaAir™ is available as an indoor packaged water-cooled unit or a split-system indoor self-contained unit matched with our outdoor air-cooled condenser. Two cabinet configurations are offered: ceiling-hung horizontal or floor mounted vertical.

  • 3 to 15 Tons
  • Vertical or Horizontal
  • 450 to 3,000 CFM
  • Water-Cooled Packaged Unit
  • Split-system Self-Contained with Outdoor Air-Cooled Condenser
Omega Air - Vertical & Horizontal