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Alpha Aire II

The new Alpha Aire II plays a significant role in the advancement of electrification, relying solely on electricity for heating and cooling.  It builds on the success of the original Alpha Aire and expands the CFM range up to 2500 CFM.  The Alpha Aire II is a single package air source heat pump designed for 100% Outdoor Air applications with energy recovery, making it an environmentally friendly and forward-thinking choice for climate-conscious building projects.

Delivering exceptional performance over a wide range of outdoor air conditions, this high efficiency unit contains a total energy recovery wheel, ECM fans for both the supply and exhaust air as well as a variable capacity compressor.  Installed indoors, the 30”H horizontal cabinet design fits above a drop ceiling or floor mounted on a mezzanine.  During dehumidification, the outdoor air is tempered by the energy recovery wheel before feeding the evaporator coil.  Low dewpoint air leaves the evaporator and is first reheated by the sub-cooling coil which boosts energy efficiency.  Final reheat occurs through the modulating hot gas reheat coil and is supplied at a precise neutral air temperature.   

  • 900 – 2500 CFM, Adjustable
  • Single Package Air Source Heat Pump
  • Total Energy Recovery Wheel
  • Modulating Hot Gas Reheat
  • 208/230-3-60 or 460-3-60
  • Delivers Low Dew Point Outdoor Air