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Commercial Grow Room Units for a Growing Industry

Picture of inside of Grow Room

As cannabis growth facilities begin to expand in popularity, they present a challenge for HVAC producers. For instance, how best to control the environment in temperature and humidity. Unlike most crops that are grown outdoors, cannabis is grown indoors and needs an environment controllable with the utmost precision. The formation of Commercial Grow Room AC units is one such method to solve this challenge.

The indoor conditions needed to promote plant growth include ventilation with some way to achieve indoor air circulation. To begin with, grow light activation in these facilities in the daytime to simulate sunlight produces a great amount of heat. Cannabis grows best at a moderate temperature that does not fall below 60°(F). Of equal importance is preventing the rise above 80°(F). Ideally, humidity level that needs to remain around 50 to 60 percent.

If not maintaining these conditions at a consistent level, it can lead to mold growth. This can damage the crop leading to thousands of dollars in crop damage. United CoolAir has developed grow room air conditioning units that solve the problem of how to maintain the best environment for plant growth. The building of grow room units with special controls allow for the AC unit to perform differently during the day and night.

Legalization is Spurring Growth

As the legalization of cannabis continues, commercial grow room AC units are in high demand. These special units mimic the natural flow of cooling during the day and reduce cooling at night all while keeping humidity at optimum levels for healthy plants. United CoolAir all indoor units continue to provide cooling and heating needs for many unique applications.

Finally, as the need for heating, cooling, and de-humidification solutions continue; United CoolAir Corporation will continue to develop units to meet these needs. Contact United CoolAir today to learn what we can do for you.