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Emergency Temporary Portable Cooling and Heating

Emergency temporary cooling, heating units

When tragedy strikes in the form of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme weather events, time, and resources are of the essence. Without reliable temporary cooling and heating systems, critical infrastructure can fail. This results in important social services such as hospitals and other institutions being unable to function as well as data loss. Moreover, the housing of evacuees requires large populations to locate into tents or makeshift shelters, and having appropriate systems can save lives. Unfortunately, AC units sold on the retail market lack the power to provide adequate relief to a large space or populace. This is because retail units only go up to 14,000 BTUs. Therefore, it is imperative to have mobile, rugged, and powerful systems that can reach up to 360,000 BTUs, such as Untitled Cool Air’s units. In addition, larger units are in development.

Built to last Commercial Units

Emergency units must be tough and hold up under harsh conditions and transport. Instead of cabinets built out of flimsy plastic, you will need a unit constructed from thick metal and quality parts. During the construction of United CoolAir portable units, they tested before leaving the factory. This line of portable units is self-contained and built with various capacities and sizes. Units are also provided as air-cooled, water-cooled, and heat pumps. The production of these well-constructed reliable units started in 1988, in York, PA.

For indoor or outdoor applications, these horizontal units are small and flexible. But also when operating indoors, the condenser air can be ducted outside. A low-profile design provides a neat, clean appearance. Mobility is paramount for these portable air conditioning units. They can be provided with an integral unit-mounted forklift pod or with casters. The ducted feature makes these units ideal for temporary cooling or heating in renovation projects. Other applications include spot cooling or heating and temporary cooling when the building air conditioner is down for maintenance. Other uses include providing extra cooling or heating when needed to augment the building system. These portables can supply cooling only or cooling and heating options. On the other hand, the design of these units for your specific requirements covers a wide variety of options.