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Location: Newark, New Jersey


Replacing existing HVAC units in a timely and cost-effective way was essential to the Gibraltar building in Newark, NJ. The project scope was to replace a 90 Ton mammoth v3 having to fit through an elevator 47x84x96 and be operational without interruption to the occupants. Therefore, completing the project over the weekend was a high priority.


An EZ-Fit unit with a brazed plate heat exchanger was utilized to keep the small footprint. For this purpose, the water pressure drop was consistent with the existing equipment specified decades ago. Using direct drive plug fans, the units were selected with 3” of ESP; an allowance to cover for an unknown duct layout design. A knocked down, factory charged 90-ton EZ-Fit was shipped on Friday afternoon. The EZ-FIT was completely installed, tied to the BMS, and running by 8:00 AM that Monday without disturbing the occupants.