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HVAC Replacement Made Better

What if there was a way to replace existing indoor HVAC equipment that has reached its lifespan. Furthermore, without expensive demolition and alterations to the building structure?
Many contractors, engineers, and property managers try to answer this question each day. It’s a question that is seemingly easy to answer. The dismantling of Outdated equipment could help make the debris more easily hauled away to make way for a replacement unit. The problem is that most replacement units are too large to bring into spaces without major disruption and structure modifications.

There is a better way of HVAC Replacement

United CoolAir equipment is a better solution for replacement HVAC units. Our units are modular in construction with quick connects and re-sealable fittings that allow replacing equipment without demolition. Most UCA units can fit through a standard doorway or elevator, around tight corners of hallways and into the space. The process of installing United CoolAir units can save time and money leading to greater satisfaction in the retrofit process.

Countless numbers of HVAC units were installed while the building was under construction thus confining the unit in its chosen location. The current protocol is to chop up a brand new unit and bring it into spaces and then reassemble the equipment. The alternative is to knock down a wall or removing part of the roof in order to accomplish the replacement task. The problem with both of these solutions is the damage that can result in new equipment and the expense of building demolition and reconstruction. These building alterations can add tens of thousands of dollars to the total replacement cost.

Do all commercial HVAC units have to be installed outdoors?

No, companies such as United CoolAir produce HVAC units that are installed completely indoors.

Is there such a thing as an indoor DOAS unit?

Yes, United CoolAir produces several dedicated outside air units that are installed completely indoors.