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Hyatt Regency

Boston Harbor

Location: Boston, MA


The Hyatt Regency in Boston, MA wanted to replace an outdated Trane SWUD unit in their hotel. A quick change-out was required since the hotel is fully operational. They did not want to have the added expense of rigging or business loss due to downtime. The contractor chose United CoolAir’s factory charged EZ-FIT for a quick and seamless changeout.


The existing unit was replaced quickly with United CoolAir’s 35 Ton EZ-Fit. In order to ensure the longevity of a unit in close proximity to the ocean, an airside economizer and evaporator coil were covered with Electrofin. The EZ Fit offered a reduced footprint, giving back valuable floor space. The install was easy, as the modular sections fit through elevators and doorways. Using ECM fans & digital scroll compressors, EZ Fit offered Hyatt an energy-efficient solution perfect for retrofit.