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Industrial Grow Room Units

Grow Room Units

As cannabis becomes legalized or decriminalized throughout the United States, Grow Room units are in high demand. Medical applications of the plant alone have led to further community acceptance and therefore more facilities have emerged for growth and distribution. In order for this up-and-coming industry to thrive, HVAC companies have developed specialized equipment that promotes indoor plant growth.

Growing cannabis indoors on a massive scale is an elaborate process. To start with, optimal growth conditions require stable temperatures both day and night. When the plants are in the early stages of development they need oxygen-rich air for vigorous growth. Grow room unit development leads to the control of both temperature and humidity in the various stages of plant growth. In particular, the heat stress on developing plants can quickly ruin a crop.

The two-stage humidity problem

When the humidity levels rise too high, conditions become such that mold can develop. Likewise, when levels of humidity fall too low this can add additional stress to the plants. The cannabis plants thrive best when relative humidity is kept within a manageable range.

Grow Room Units by United CoolAir

When it comes to Dedicated Indoor Agricultural System (DIAS) AKA, Grow Room units, United CoolAir is on the cutting edge. Starting in the Spring of 2018 we began producing equipment for Cultiva Systems. This is a complete system unlike the conventional approach that utilizes a standard air conditioner to control temperature and a separate dehumidifier to control humidity. The DIAS has the required capacity for late flower loads and enough turn down to maintain conditions during the earliest stages of the plant. Powerful moisture removal capability and full condensing modulating hot gas reheat keep the room conditions on target. Integral controls and advanced components maximize energy efficiency while achieving the desired conditions; therefore, lowering the operating cost to the grower. Furthermore, these units range from 10 – 45 tons and come in both horizontal and vertical configurations.