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Portable Temporary Mobile Cooling Units

Most of the time HVAC units installations occur in a particular location where they live out their usefulness. However, there are other times when commercial heating, cooling, and dehumidification can be the right solution. Situations sometimes arise where the requirement of HVAC units is short term. This is where a portable/temporary/mobile cooling or heating unit can be the perfect solution.

Sometimes mobile temporary HVAC units replace a permanent unit when shutting them down for a period of time. Other times it might be a special event such as a large tent gathering. This sometimes encompasses natural disasters or even healthcare facilities. The instances where portable commercial cooling can be used are infinite. Manufacturing spot cooling, plant shutdowns, emergencies, and telecommunication rooms to name a few.

United CoolAir Mobile Units

Portable units are usually, but not necessarily on wheels and placed in any commercial building or space and even outdoors and powered by a generator. United CoolAir produces units that range from 3–30 tons. Larger units are sometimes trailer mounted to provide quicker transportation to a particular job site. This makes them a valuable resource when there is a call for these types of situations.

While most portable HVAC units are air-cooled, water or chilled water are occasionally used. Although cooling and heating units involve a huge market share, they also use dehumidification. In this case, dedicated heating units look very similar to their counterparts. Rugged United CoolAir units are so due to their metal construction. Furthermore, rental companies stock up on these exceptional units as part of their fleet. However, if renting a unit for more than a few times, anybody can purchase these portable units factory direct. This can lead to enhanced cost savings.

Advancements are ongoing in the portable A/C industry such as United CoolAir’s mobile units that provide UV-C light to disinfect airborne pathogens. In order to meet today’s portable HVAC needs, new products will continually arise on the market.