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Packaged HVAC Indoor vs Outdoor

There are two basic types of HVAC systems, that being packaged and split systems. In short, a split system model contains a condenser and compressor residing in an outdoor cabinet while connected to an indoor evaporator. They connection by copper tubing and include various line lengths depending on numerous factors. Packaged systems on the other hand also known as all-in-one or self-contained are not as easily defined. Therefore, packaged HVAC indoor vs outdoor requires further explanation.

Packaged HVAC Indoor vs Outdoor

In a packaged HVAC system, all of the components; condenser, compressor, and evaporator reside in the same cabinet. However, there is a misconception about where a packaged unit is located. Some believe a packaged unit is located outside much like the condenser of a split system. So, when comparing a packaged system to a split system many HVAC providers will list the pros and cons each system. 

HVAC installers will correctly point to the ease of installation and servicing of packaged units. However, they will also state that packaged unit installation is outside making them susceptible to weather, animal damage and rust. While this may be true of most packaged units on the market, there exist packaged units installed entirely indoors. For this reason, there are multiple reasons to consider HVAC indoor vs outdoor in a packaged unit.

United CoolAir Packaged HVAC Units

While split HVAC systems dominate the commercial HVAC industry, packaged units are often the right solution for many installations. For decades United CoolAir (UCA) packaged units have solved challenging HVAC installations. This is due to the fact of UCA units easy installation. Besides, these units also avoid any of the drawbacks of other packaged units on the market.

United CoolAir packaged units are modular with each module able to fit through a standard doorway as well as hallways. The use of quick connects means installations happen faster than many other brands. UCA units are also pre-charged and tested before shipment from the factory. As a result, we say United CoolAir units are All-indoor Solutions.