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Portable Commercial Air Conditioner

portable commercial air conditioner

Since the invention of air conditioning in 1922, the public has grown accustomed to having instant cooling or heating at the push of a button. However, there are times that for various reasons life isn’t so simple. In some instances, the need for AC may be in a remote place such as an outdoor tent or construction site. Other times the installed HVAC system could be out of order or electricity is not available. This can happen in critical locations such as hospitals and data centers and for these instances, a portable commercial air conditioner is literally a lifesaver.

Whether trying to cool or heat equipment or individuals, finding the proper portable commercial air conditioner is of the utmost importance. Considerations include how large the space is to be treated and how many people are expected to occupy this area. Commercial portable units come in various tonnages and capabilities, and some are operational both indoors and outside. These units are like the type of residential units that one would acquire at the big box stores but with some major differences.

Constructed to Last

For starters, commercial portable AC units are constructed of metal instead of plastic. This ensures that the units these rugged and will last much longer with extended use. Also, commercial portables can be much higher in cooling and heating abilities. These units are able to move around on caster wheels and larger 25-to-30-ton units can be skid or trailer-mounted. Some units are additionally equipped with lifting pods, so they can be easily moved around with a forklift.

Commercial portable AC units are available for many purposes and the following table shows just how versatile they are when needed.

After-hours-CoolingAssembly LinesAutomotive Industry
Conference Rooms
Construction SitesData Centers/
Server Rooms
Emergency Back-up
Supplemental Cooling
Moisture RemovalMuseums
Nursing HomesOff-season Spot
Outdoor EventsProcess CoolingRetail Spaces

In Summary

Because portable units do not require permanent installations, they are not subject to many of the regulations that apply to stationary HVAC units. While this may be true, portable units are still highly efficient and function in the same way. Portable commercial air conditioners are available through rental companies. However, if they are going to be in need even a few times, purchasing one can be more economical.