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Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD)

Poetter Hall

Location: Savannah, GA


The Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD), located at 342 Bull St., Savannah, GA flagship building was originally named Preston Hall. Poetter Hall dates back to 1892, when it opened as the Savannah Volunteer Guard Armory. This 36,248 square-foot building contained a drill hall, ballroom, large company rooms and a guard club. Poetter Hall was the first building that SCAD acquired in 1979. The historical building includes deep arches, massive corner towers and ornate wrought iron balconies.

Bringing fresh air into historical buildings such as the SCAD building can be challenging for HVAC installers. Often there is not enough room to mount a unit on the roof and if you could, it probably would not be visually pleasing. When it comes to accomplishing this task, there is no better solution than installing a United CoolAir unit.


In order to provide an outside air solution, Mingledorff’s of Norcross, GA was able to specify and install a 7-ton OmegaAir unit with a remote outdoor condenser.  Traditional HVAC systems are designed primarily to handle design sensible loads and are not adequately designed for the high latent loads produced by OA. The OmegaAir is designed to exclusively handle the large latent ventilation load and deliver “neutral” air of 70ºF to 72ºF @ 50% RH. OmegaAir’s supply air dew point design temperature is lower than standard air conditioners to remove the maximum amount of moisture before delivery to the space.