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Compressor Failure and the Effects on Warranty

Identifying why compressor failure is subject to many variables and is important to understanding warranty implications. Although compressors fail for a multitude of reasons, poor installation and maintenance are the most common causes. However, for the vast majority of compressors returned for claims, rarely is it due to a defect in the manufacturer supplied part. […]

Business Owners Guide to Commercial HVAC

When business owners are in need of a new or replacement HVAC system, there may be many questions that arise. First and probably most importantly is the cost. However, cost not only pertains to the price of the equipment, but to the installation cost as well. Equipment cost will vary from one brand to another and […]

A Flexible Alternative for Portable Environmental Control

The remediation industry has long relied on traditional equipment like mechanical dehumidification and desiccant systems. This is for the removal of excess moisture from flooded and fire-damaged buildings and environmental control. In many cases, these are the better choice for drying out the high moisture situations in preparation for later renovations. Still, a controversy persists […]