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What ERVs Can’t Do

Background Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) have flooded the HVAC market. Building owners want more fresh air in their buildings, but don’t want to pay the costs associated with conditioning it. They know it is far more costly to remove heat and humidity from 95° air than it is to do the same with return air. […]

What is DOAS?

With Independence Day weekend approaching Americans are making plans to celebrate with cookouts, swimming, and other outdoors activities. These simple pleasures become even sweeter knowing that, when outside, we are breathing clean, fresh air. What some don’t know is that when we return to work, we are often returning to buildings that have been consciously […]

Choosing a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)

In order to comply with current strict ventilation standards in the HVAC industry, manufacturers’ are introducing innovative new equipment to improve indoor air quality. Dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) are one such methods used to help regulate temperature and humidity. Schools, hospitals, offices, and other commercial spaces can all benefit from a DOAS unit. As […]

Mold Prevention and IAQ Improvement


IAQ is a major concern and can have a devastating impact on your life. However, not providing the proper ventilation and fresh air in an occupied space can make people sick.  Additionally, this can also have a major financial impact. Hundreds of schools annually are experiencing mold in their classrooms as you can see in […]