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Trenholm Church

Trenholm Church

Location: Columbia, SC


The Trenholm Road Methodist Church was tasked with replacing outdated chilled water and dehumidification HVAC systems. The outdated system had been in place since the building’s construction. Located in the hot, humid climate of South Carolina, conditions within the church become even more intolerable during Sunday services or during church events when the number of people and events would increase.


The contractor chose a VRV system for better zoning control because the church is divided into 7 unique zones. They decided to use United CoolAir Corporation’s OmegaAir dedicated outside air systems (DOAS). The VRV units do an excellent job of controlling the sensible temperature in each zone but have limited dehumidification capability. The OmegaAir DOAS, on the other hand, is designed specifically for OA delivery. Using an OmegaAir allowed them to separate the sensible and latent loads for best performance. A total of 7 DOAS units were specified, one for each zone. To tie it all together, the VRV and DOAS units were tied into a BAS for precise control and management. Overall, the cooling requirements for the entire project were 62 tons.