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What is a Water Source Heat Pump?

When it comes to reliability and efficiency, a Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) could be the best option for commercial buildings.  A Water Source Heat Pump works much in the same way as an air source heat pump; but extracts and disperses heat by water instead of air. An air source uses heat from the outside since even cold air contains substantial heat, until it reaches below freezing temperatures. This happens by cycling water through a piping system loop usually supplied by a water tower.

The WSHP operates in a simple way and operate year-round by bringing in heat in the Winter months and removing it in the Summer. Additionally, they are usually packaged units that are installed in a closet or even above the ceiling. They are deliverable into zones and controllable independently so that we achieve energy conservation. For this reason (WSHPs) are more efficient in cooling rather than heating.

Heat Pump Illustration

During Spring and Autumn there can be extremes of both warm and cold weather and WSHPs can serve both situations. This makes them ideal for commercial buildings such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and retail spaces. The simple design of WSHPs contains a compressor, 4-way reversing valve, refrigerant heat exchanger, thermal expansion device, coil, and fan. Furthermore, the popular packaged systems can be easy for technicians to service since every component is in the same location.

United CoolAir is The Best Solution

United CoolAir (UCA), offers several units that operate as both air source and water source heat pumps. These units come in both vertical and horizontal configurations and a wide range of tonnages. As an added benefit, United CoolAir units contain modular construction which allows them to go through standard doorways. This makes UCA units the best choice when it comes to choosing a Water Source Heat Pump for your commercial building.